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Hands on sex coahcing,


One will blow your mind. Two could change your life. A series of four might liberate your soul.

Hands-on sessions for women

Would you like to experience your Self in full sexual aliveness? Allow our tantric expert to bless your body, soothe your soul, and honour your spirit.  You would go at your own pace, and playfully explore the orgasmic potential of your entire body. Our tantric expert will show you how to safely surrender to your own blissful pleasure in ways you may have forgotten or never known. You’ll locate parts of you that may have been crying out for attention for a very long time. In this session you can receive consensual platonic or intimate touch, and feel like a Queen. This work restores you to your original essence. The magical, wild, sensual, lustful, ecstatic, blissful… whatever it is that you came here to be!


In a hands-on sex coaching session you will together find out where you are on your personal sexual journey and where you would like to go. By taking who you are today and working forward you can find ways for you to show up as your highest sexually empowered self. Our tantric expert or experts are there to guide you into your sexuality through education, exercise and technique. You can choose your session with a female coach only or there is an option where she can bring her male tantric partner for even more practical sessions and live demonstrations.

You´ll take the time to connect before the session starts. Our expert will hold a space where you can let go and relax. Each session is unique and our tantric coach will attune to your personal experience. Many people experience pleasure they have never experienced before and they connect to a deeper experience of their pleasure, sexuality and whole self.

The tantric coach will help you activate the dormant energy within and help you release and let go of what has been holding you back, consciously or subconsciously so you can unlock new potential and explore your sexual self. He or she will meet you where you are, exactly as you are.

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