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Tantra massage, tantric massage, erotic massage, puerto banus, marbella, tantra

tantra massage
for women

Erotic massage, Marbella, Erotic massage agency, tantric massage, tantra massage
"I HAVE NEVER FELT SEEN LIKE THIS BEFORE. THE EXPERIENCE was highly erotic but also a deep journey into myself"


Tantra massage for women in Puerto Banus, Marbella. Erotic massage for women in Puerto Banus, Marbella.


Do you want to explore the full potential of your feminine sexuality? Discover the pleasure capacity of your body, mind and soul? Tantric massage for women in Puerto Banus, Marbella helps you to look inwards, to be confident in your body and with your sexuality, unblock your chakras, release traumas and to grow as a person.

The Yoni massage surprises all the women who receive it. It is one of the most powerful tantric secrets. It positively affects female sexuality and favours the release of emotional blockages. The Yoni is the sacred zone, where life is born and created. So it is no coincidence that in this part of the body there are so many points to produce pleasure and healing.


Through gentle massage and soft exploration, you are expertly guided to release any trauma, pain or numbness and return your Yoni to be the centre of bliss and the miracle it was created to be. This opens up your mind, body and spirit to embrace your whole self and radiate from the inside out. Once the internal roadblocks are out of the way, you’ll be able to experience pleasure more freely and finally embrace those mind-blowing full body energetic orgasms.


Get ready to experience pleasure you didn´t think was possble from one of our experts, Luna or Brad. Luna has years of experience in working with tantra and tantric techniques. She is our tantric expert and the perfect choice for all women who want to experience their full sexual potential. Brad is the perfect choice if you would like to experience bliss, held within a safe yet very masculine container.


I am Luna, a tantric sex coach. I live this work. I eat it. I breathe it.  I invite you to explore pleasure with purpose – how tantra, sacred touch, kink and related techniques like breathwork can help you and bring states of tantric healing, bliss, and contentment of body, mind, and soul.

You have found me for a reason.

Reach out and see why!

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erotic hands-on sessions for couples, marbella

I am Brad, a tantric explorer. I love sharing my passion for sexual pleasure and sacred touch.


If you want to explore more pleasure in a safe container don´t hesitate to contact me!


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