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Tantra Yoni Massage: The Path Of Awakening and Orgamic Bliss!

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

A tantra yoni massage is an intrinsic part of feminine wellbeing. Although often overlooked, it plays an important part of a woman’s health-care regime along with facials, pedicures and manicures. The many benefits include stress and anxiety relief, releasing negative and stagnant emotions, increased orgasmic potential, increased vitality, improved creativity and a deeper connection to the body.

Tantra yoni massage in Puerto Banus Marbella
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A woman’s Yoni is a chalice that is not only the gateway to our deepest most powerful emotions, but it also holds a magnitude of negative and stagnant emotions. These can be due to factors such as societal conditioning, sexual experiences, childbirth, cellular memories and belief systems which are inherited through our DNA from our ancestors.

These emotions are stored deep within our psyche and over time if left unprocessed they accumulate, and can become stagnant and toxic.”

The blockage and build-up of emotions cause imbalance and can manifest in a variety of physical and psychological health problems including endometriosis, urinary tract infections, sensitivity and pain.

What Is A TANTRA Yoni Massage?

Yoni is a beautiful Sanskrit term for the vagina meaning ‘sacred space’. At Angel´s erotic massage Marbella we offer a unique Yoni massage therapy as an important part of the holistic Tantric guidance. This has been practiced by generations of healers and passed down to honour a woman in her true form as a goddess.

The tantra yoni massage is performed to release negative emotions and is a sensitive and respectful treatment that follows on, naturally from the Ayurvedic Massage offering women a profound and direct feminine embodied experience capable of creating remarkable transformations in their lives.

At Angel´s erotic massage Marbella our Yoni massage is a treatment that truly honours a woman and one in which you can allow yourself to receive, without expectation and learn to trust and fully surrender through sacred touch in a safe and nurturing environment.

Why Do Women Need A Yoni Massage?

It is important for a woman to recognise the beauty of their bodies and more importantly the beauty and magic of their yonis.

Change the negative belief that your yoni is embarrassing, the wrong size or shape. Learn to treat the yoni with the divine respect that you as a woman deserve. Learn this through the yoni massage and you will be empowered. Through massage you can claim back your strong feminine power and have a positive relationship with yourself.

Make the Yoni massage an important part of your life just as you do body massage and facials. Break the centuries of patriarchal repression, negative social conditioning, shame and guilt around your body and sexuality. Allow the Yoni Massage to help you to become truly released from within.

What Are The Benefits Of A Yoni Massage?

On an emotional level, the yoni is a sensitive sponge that is receptive to negative and stagnant emotions. Often resulting in pain, the body will eventually switch this pain off by creating numbness. This causes blood and energy to stop flowing as the numbness takes over. The physical strain we put on the yoni will also begin to take it's toll. These include factors such as traumatic sexual encounters and comments, childbirth and even surgery. All our suppressed feelings and thoughts are pushed “down” into your Yoni as the yoni becomes a negative storehouse for unwanted emotions. Many of us become completely disconnected with our yoni’s referring to them as ‘down below’ or ‘down there’ as if it is some alien area that is not connected to your body. The Yoni Massage unblocks and releases the toxins which create confidence and happiness. You will regain your life and feel the magic. At Angel´s erotic massage Marbella we don't only work with women who have had sexual trauma, but we also work with young women at the start of their sexual journey to make them feel empowered. We also work with mothers and daughters to break the generational shame that is often passed from grandmother to mother, and from mother to daughter. We want to enlighten you of your power and help you uncover the love and magic you were put on this earth to create. It is important that you find a therapist that you feel comfortable with, contact us via the form below and we will answer any questions you may have.

What To Expect With A Yoni Massage

This is your journey, and it is unique to YOU. For it to be an effective yoni massage you need to know that YOU are in control, and that you are in a safe environment surrounded by love. Your journey doesn't have to necessarily begin with the Yoni massage, but rather something you want to build up to. We understand that taking that first step is most important.

A therapeutic tantric Yoni massage generally begins with a full tantric body massage, where you can unwind and relax, allowing yourself to surrender and fully receive.

The session begins and ends where you want it to. There is no agenda or set treatment plan as we focus our session on what you want and need. The session is about empowerment and before the yoni is touched, permission is always sought and the whole session is directed by you - YOU OWN THE SESSION.

/Love Luna

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