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 Our masseurs and masseuses has many years of experience in the industry and will provide you with an exceptional massage.







Our pricing is matched with exceptional quality. When you book with us know that safety and discretion are guaranteed. The masseurs and masseuses are qualified, trained and are never asked to deliver the type of massage that they are unfamiliar with or uncomfortable with.


Erotic massage is as much about skill as it is about connection. Long-term relationships with clients who trusts our service are what we truly value.

We love getting great feedback and we always pass it on to the masseuse or masseur. But no one is immune from making mistakes and we want to learn from ours. So if something was not quite right, please speak to us and help us put it right.


A sensual, mind-blowing massage is impossible without intimacy. We have kept this in mind when visualising the type of experience that we wanted to offer. Massage parlours with their latex-glove professionalism are great but we wanted something that´s a little more personal. That´s why the massage takes place in the masseur´s or masseuse´s own home or studio where you can both relax and unwind.

If you want to make a quick booking and move on with your day, we will by all means respect that. However, if you prefer to work out the details of your upcoming erotic massage, we can tailor the experience to your personal preferences.

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